Affiliate Program for Online Addiction Training

It's SIMPLE and it's FREE!

Our Affiliate Partner Program enables you to earn revenue by promoting NET Institute's Online Addiction courses and programs! We made it SIMPLE and we made it FREE.  

  1. Sign up for the program by completing the form below. 
  2. Add our logo or text link to your website which contains your affiliate tracking link (see below for more info)
  3. Promote the NET Institute's addiction courses and counseling programs.
  4. Collect commissions quarterly.

Once you are approved as an Affiliate Partner, we will assign you an affiliate ID, and provide you with a login into our Affiliate Center where you can access links and track sales from your site. Affiliate payments are made to you once per quarter. 

  • Earn 10% commission on all sales generated through your website.
  • Offer online distant learning courses in addiction, recovery and couneling skills from professional educators who are experts in the addiction field.
  • Partner with a proven addiction recovery organization recognized globally & serving thousands of students in: US, Egypt, India, Russia, Ukraine, Bermuda, Pakistan, South Africa, and Canada.
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