Cluster Partner Program (Group Pricing)

Thank you for considering our Cluster Partnership Program (Group Pricing) for your organization.  Our goal is to offer a method of training and group pricing for your Organizations, Community-Based Recovery Support Services and Treatment Programs that is effective, replicable and affordable in order to increase access to recovery and multiply trained staff.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Save 20% - 35% on training for your staff and volunteers!
  • Create a revenue stream by reselling our curriculum.
  • Qualify for quarterly promotions that will help save you even more money.
  • The ability to host a Study Group©.
  • Featured on our website and in our communications.
  • You become part of the NET Recovery Care Association (NRCA)

NET Recovery Care Association (NRCA) Membership

When you become a Cluster Partner you also benefit from becoming a member in our NET Recovery Care Association. NRCA Membership offers you a way to identify and unify with other professionals, including faith-centered people, who are working together with integrity to meet an ever growing need for practical and proven addiction training to equip and empower tomorrow’s addiction workforce.

  • NET Recovery Care Association (NRCA) was established in 2005 to better serve the needs of NET Training Institute’s (NTI’s) students, alumni, instructors, supporters and other individuals and organizations involved in addiction and recovery services.
  • NRCA functions as a trade or professional association to provide our members with benefits that support staff development, continuing education training, specialized Recovery Coach Programs, and unique recovery events and conferences.
  • Participation in an international network of individuals and organizations who share and support the mission of the NET Institute including Addiction Professionals, Recovery Coaches, people who provide Recovery Support Services,  church based ministries, pastoral care, transitional living and life skills, homeless shelters, family and youth programs, support group programs, prison outreaches, HIV/AIDS programs and other "hands on" services.
  • NRCA members are eligible to apply, or nominate others, for Recovery Hero Scholarships.

Cluster Partners have four options for membership.  See below for a comparison of these programs.

To sign up, simply click on the program of your choice in the box below. On the next page, you will  Grapesenter both the organizational details and billing information, so you can get started right away.  You will be automatically enrolled as an NRCA Organizational Member at the same time you select the program you are interested in.  All Cluster Partners are required to be NRCA Organizational Members in good standing in order to participate.

Once you have signed up you will receive two coupon codes.  Your NRCA coupon code is worth $95 and can be used one time towards any course or program.   Your Cluster Partner coupon code can be used as long as you are an active NRCA member.  Membership is renewed on an annual basis.  Cluster Partner discount coupons can be used towards any course or program.  You can redeem these coupons for yourself, your staff or one of your cluster participants.

NRCA Membership 


NRCA Cluster Partner Program 

  Bronze Partner Silver Partner Gold Partner  Platinum Partner

$95 NRCA Fee Only!





Used for NRCA renewal Price includes NRCA membership for 1 year Price includes NRCA membership for 1 year Price includes NRCA membership for 1 year Price includes NRCA membership for 1 year
  20% discount on all courses for one year

25% discount on all courses for one year

30% discount on all courses for one year

35% discount on all courses for one year

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