NET Training Institute (NTI) was founded in 1996 to meet the training needs of the Florida Network on Addictions begun in the 1980’s. NTI was incorporated in 1998. The first priority of “The NET” is to NURTURE, EQUIP & TRAIN front line workers, and others concerned about the ravages caused by addiction. Organizations served by the original NET include residential substance abuse regeneration programs, half-way houses, feeding programs, street ministries, lay counseling, faith-based support group programs, 12 step programs and prison focused efforts. Florida has a rich heritage of such “mercy missions.” Many trace their roots or inspiration to Dunklin Memorial Camp, a 200 acre men’s residential recovery program located in Okeechobee, Florida, founded by Mickey and Laura Maye Evans in 1963. NTI’s parent organization was the 279th “DAILY POINT OF LIGHT” recognized by President George H. Bush in 1990.

Since 1996, NTI has served over 4,000 students, including students from India, Egypt, Russia, Finland, Ghana, Africa, Ireland, Central and South America, Pakistan, South Africa, Singapore, Iran, Sri Lanka, Ireland, UK and Bermuda. NTI’s addiction curriculum meets international standards for several professional addiction certification boards thereby providing our foreign students with a truly unique training opportunity.