Recovery & Beyond Course Bundle

Recovery Courses

Bundle 8 Courses for Only $69.95

We believe that people need accurate facts about their challenges and problems. They need to know that:

  1. problems have solutions
  2. they are not alone; others have felt the same fear and pain
  3. there's hope and help in time of need
  4. they can find their own path, reclaim their lives, and even discover new possibilites

We agree that "Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential." (SAMHSA, 2011)

To this end, we have selected courses to promote your Recovery and Personal Enrichment. Our Recovery & Beyond courses do NOT have 'CEUs' needed for certification so cost is lower. However, if you are a professional counselor and need courses for certification or re-certification we have dozen's of courses to choose from.

Begin today with "Just the Facts"! Recovery is Real and It is for YOU!  Order your bundle here and save or you can order each course separately .

  1. Drugs and The Brain - $9.95
  2. Support Groups - $9.95
  3. Intervention Skills in Crisis - $9.95
  4. Substance Abuse & Domestic Violence - $9.95
  5. Cultural Differences in Addiction - $14.95
  6. Facts About HIV & Hep C - $16.95
  7. Helping to Motivate Others - $9.95
  8. Supporting Long Term Recovery - $14-95