Recovery Heroes

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Meet Recovery Heroes from US, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, UK, India, Sudan, Japan, Australia, Kenya, Pakistan, Zambia and even more on YouTube!

Meet ISAAC Recovery Leaders from Mongolia, Australia, Malaysia, Sweden, Holland, England, Chile, US, and more on YouTube!

The goal of the Recovery Heroes Initiative is to:  

Honor, Empower and Serve Real People who Bravely Overcome, who Save Lives and Save Others from the Sufferings of Addiction

Recovery Heroes Certificate of Appreciate

Recovery Heroes feature:

  • people from all walks of life whose lives have been personally affected and/or impacted by addiction and recovery.
  • biographies, life stories, interviews, opinions, points of view, recognition, commentaries.

Recovery Heroes include, but are not limited to:

  • people who have personal knowledge of, and/or experience with, or otherwise have been affected or impacted by addiction and/or recovery.
  • recovery survivors, victims of addiction, family members, clinicians, professionals, governmental officials and laypersons from within the United States as well as individuals from any nation worldwide.

Recovery Heroes will provide:

  • education, training, tools and resources for people relating to addiction and recovery.
  • venues, platforms and resources to recognize the achievements and contributions of individuals  and organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to Raise the Standard of Concern and Care provided to individuals, families, organizations and communities affected by the impact and suffering of addiction.

Recovery Heroes will be presented using a variety of media including but not limited to:

  • written text, video, audio, pictures, photography.