Recovery Support Specialist Program


138 Hours

Purpose: To equip individuals to be compassionate, confident and competent in supporting people to begin or maintain their recovery from addiction. This training will provide a sound understanding of the emerging non-clinical role of “Recovery Support Specialist,” peer mentors, recovery support specialists, and recovery advocates.

“Recovery Support Specialist” training will revitalize your service to people struggling with substance abuse!

“Recovery Support Specialist” come from diverse backgrounds: peer mentors, recovery advocates, recovery program staff, support group facilitators, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse outreach workers, family, youth and prevention workers, Twelve Step sponsors, home group leaders, community urban workers, staff of compassion ministries or rescue missions, pastors, missionaries, jail / prison volunteers and chaplains.

Professionals in social work, education, treatment, medicine, pastoral care, mental health, and law enforcement will learn practical addiction recovery tools to empower people they serve.

Strength-Based approaches address the whole person within a community of recovery support services. Current research on the brain, long term recovery, the role of spirituality, faith, personal maturity and healthy relationships will provide the basis for understanding health, wholeness and long term recovery.

Course Texts and Materials: Coursework is based on subject matter content that includes a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, public domain documents, textbooks, video / audio clips and trade books, including faith-based materials.

Topic Highlights: Recovery Management Ethics & Coaching Tools such as a recovery plan, recovery support services, understanding addiction as a relational issue, alcoholism, Twelve Steps, street drugs, and cultural competency. Learn to help others move beyond codependency, trauma and delayed maturation to experience new possibilities and hope.

Meets and exceeds educational requirements for the Credentialed Recovery Support Specialist, CRSS, through the Florida Certification Board.

Recovery Support Specialist do not need certification in most states. The Florida Certification Board does accept this Recovery Support Specialist Program (138 hours) as complete preparation for the Certified Recovery Support Specialist (upon completion of the Recovery Support Specialist program, NET Institute will write a letter stating that you have completed the requirements. The student then must submit a copy of the letter to the Florida Certification Board when applying for the CRSS).

Note:  Our courses are recognized by many other professional boards worldwide.  Our curriculum also includes many uniquely Christian resources that are used by individuals providing support to and working in thousands of Christian programs worldwide. For more information on our Christian courses and programs, contact us at:

Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks. Estimated textbook cost $85.

Program includes the following courses:


Recovery Support Specialist Program: 138 Clock Hours
Course # Course Titles Hours Price
RD-AP-10 Addictive Patterns 10 $75
RD-RSS-05 Recovery Support Services 5 $50
RD-RMC-15 Recovery Management and Coaching 15 $95
AD-HA1-15 Help for Alcoholics - Part 1 15 $95
AD-HA2-15 Help for Alcoholics - Part 2 15 $95
EI-CC-05 Ethics: Cultural Competence 5 $50
EI-RM-15 Ethics: Recovery Management 15 $95
AD-SD-05 Street Drugs Overview 5 $50
RD-CI-10 Codependency Issues 10 $95
RD-LM-10 Life Model 10 $75
CI-HIV-08 HIV/AIDS and Hep C 8 $50
CI-DV-02 Domestic Violence 2 $20
CI-RSR-15 Resilience and Self Repair 15 $95
AD-BC-02 Brain Chemistry 2 $20
CS-CI-03 Crisis Intervention 3 $30
CS-ME-03 Motivational Enhancement 3 $30
  Total: 138 $1020
  Program Savings (15%)   $153
  Your Cost  Only $867