Counseling Practices: Group & Recovery *Revised

Counseling Practices: Group & Recovery

*Revised Course*

15 Hours

Group counseling is the most powerful motivation for change for clients with substance use and abuse issues. You will have an enhanced ability to understand, work with, and implement group treatment.

Behavioral, Cognitive, and Interpersonal approaches to group counseling will be discussed along with applications for groups of non-addicts as well. Specific group topics will be addressed in order to assist the counselor in developing the necessary skills to be able to accurately select the best counseling method for a particular group. Also covered in this course are group recovery skills that are vital to positive client outcomes as well as a number of tools that can be utilized in the group setting.

This course will cover: group counseling methods, actions necessary to initiate, implement, and maintain a group, how to facilitate growth within the group and how to document clients behavior within the group setting. It will also cover the recovery skills needed for clients to succeed in their sobriety journey.

  1. Describe, select, and implement appropriate group counseling methods for clients with substance abuse issues. 
  2. Understand how group dynamics affect change in client behavior.
  3. Learn specific exercises to help patients achieve and maintain recovery.
  4. Understand that group principles in this course also apply to groups of non addicts.
  5. Learn to implement relational and emotional skills training through specific group exercises

Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 15 hours Total

Required TextbookRobert R. Perkinson. (2012). Chemical Dependency Counseling A Practical Guide 4th Ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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*This text book is used for the following courses:  Counseling Practices Part I, Counseling Practices Part II and Counseling Practices: Group.