Cyber Addiction

Cyber Addiction

15 Hours

You will gain insight into cyber-sexual compulsive behavior, what drives it, and how it affects individuals, families and society. You will also gain understanding into key components of recovery and healing for the cyber addicted.

This course is based on the book In the Shadows of the Net: Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior. Because the Internet has become such an integral and dominating force in our lives and culture, once a person is entangled in compulsive online sexual behavior it is just as powerful a force as any drug addiction. This book defines the problem by explaining what the problematic behaviors are and what drives them, and the effects these behaviors have on individuals, families and society as a whole. The book also lays out specific tools to help individuals achieve freedom from destructive compulsive behavior by changing how to live in this Internet Age.

  1. Identify what compulsive online sexual behaviors are as well as the driving forces behind them.
  2. Recognize signs of hidden problematic behavior.
  3. Gain insight into what it takes for an individual to admit there is a problem and take action.  
  4. Understand the treatment process for individuals, codependents and couples, along with its challenges and rewards.

Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 15 Hours Total
Understanding Addiction, Application to Practice, Clinical Evaluation

Required TextbookCarnes, P., Delmonico, D., Griffin, E. (2007). In the Shadows of the Net: Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior, 2nd Ed. Center City, MN: Hazelden.

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