Diagnosis & Treatment *NEW

Diagnosis & Treatment


15 Hours

You will learn how to utilize the DSM-5 to diagnose client disorders, make sense of the client’s presenting problems through case conceptualization and finally design a treatment plan to assist clients in implementing change.

Using Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Skills: A Popular Culture Casebook Approach by Alan M. Schwitzer and Lawrence C. Rubin, this course comprehensively addresses the clinical thinking skills required in professional counseling settings. Fully revised to include DSM-5, the text discusses diagnosis, case conceptualization, treatment planning and the interplay of various clinical tools and their application.

  1. Understand clinical thinking skills required for diagnosis and treatment planning.
  2. Learn how to utilize the DSM-5 in assisting with client diagnoses.
  3. Learn a process of case conceptualization that includes identifying problems, grouping those problems into themes, and selecting a theoretical approach for treatment and counseling.  
  4. Learn how to design a custom treatment plan for diverse client presentations.
  5. Review a “popular culture” caseload to implement and reinforce learning concepts.

Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 15 Hours Total
Clinical Evaluation / Treatment Planning

Required TextbookSchwitzer, A. & Rubin, L. (2015). Diagnosis & Treatment Planning Skills: A Popular Culture Casebook Approach, 2nd Ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.