Drugs: Uppers & Downers *NEW

Uppers, Downers & All Arounders


15 Hours

You will learn the general effects of psychoactive stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamines, and depressants such as opiates, sedative-hypnotics and alcohol. Students will understand these drugs in the context of their classification, and history of use, abuse and addiction.

This course is one of four courses based on the book Uppers, Downers & All Arounders, 8th Ed.  The text for this course provides an in depth look at psychoactive drugs, their classification, history of use and neurochemical and physiological impact on the human body. It explains at the cellular level how individuals become addicted to psychoactive drugs and compulsive behaviors, as well as how individuals may be predisposed to addiction because of their genetic makeup. Included is a history of how various drugs came to be used, and how governments, ruling classes and industry have sought to both benefit from, and regulate drug use among the populace.


  1. Learn the general effects of psychoactive stimulants and depressants.
  2. Understand the potential hazards of drug interactions.
  3. Gain insight into how prescription drugs are developed and marketed by the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Review an array of alcohol related problems.

Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 15 Hours Total
Treatment Knowledge / Application to Practice / Professional Readiness

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Inaba, D. & Cohen, W. (2014). Uppers, Downers and All Arounders, 8th Ed. Medford, OR: CNS Productions, Inc.

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