Recovery Support Services

Recovery Support Services-WS3

5 Hours

Recovery Support Services are most successful with community involvement and follow up by a variety of community based, faith based, peer and professional services.

Addiction has long been defined as a chronic progressive disorder, but typically treated in an acute or short term model of care, similar to a broken bone. The substance abuse treatment field is currently experiencing a shift from its acute care model to a long term approach similar to support for diabetes. Best practices include Professional Recovery Coaching, Recovery Management, and Recovery Support Services. This more integrated approach is referred to as Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC). It is strengths- based and oriented to an individual’s long term recovery and personal goals. 

  1. Become acquainted with the underlying principles of Recovery Support Services, as well as specific descriptions of those services. 
  2. Be introduced to the concept of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care .
  3. Understand the importance of continuing care and assertive linkage to a variety of community services that support long term recovery. 
Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 5 Hours Total

Professional Readiness

Required Materials: Selected Readings included with the course