Wellness and Recovery *Revised

Wellness and Recovery-WS3

*Revised Course*

5 Hours

You will learn to take clients from a position of knowing about wellness to actively living a lifestyle of health and wellness. Experience positive and reinforcing activities through self-assessments and easy to use tools to reduce stress and improve quality of life. 

Often times people in recovery have become so out of sync with their own health and wellness that even basic wellness practices are not implemented in their daily lives.  Things as simple as getting enough rest, hydration and nourishment can be key relapse factors in early recovery. In Wellness and Recovery, students will receive practical instruction through innovative resources to help create balance in their own lives as well as in the lives of those they work with. Course materials are designed so students can review and refine their own state of well-being so they can better assist their clients to do the same. This course includes Wellness tools that support quality long term recovery. Practical assessments and tools address day-to-day routine needs related to sleep patterns, reducing stress, goal setting, getting organized, money management, communication about financial issues, and overall health.

  1. Define wellness and identify the essentials of good health.
  2. Communicate the body’s need for water as a simple essential of wellness. 
  3. Implement simple steps to improve mood.
  4. Explain the purpose of sleep and its role in reducing daily stress.
  5. Identify personal habits through self-assessment.
  6. List stress management tips to reduce tension.
  7. Identify the effects of smoking on long term health.
  8. Explain the importance of getting organized and setting goals.
  9. Identify personality profiles and how they can affect financial decision making. 
  10. Grasp the concept of moving clients from knowing about wellness to actively living it. 
Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 5 Hours Total

Client, Family & Community Education

Required Materials:  Selected Readings included with course