Education Areas and Categories

For Certification Purposes Only

Each course description includes a breakdown of the CEU or education hours available.

(CEU = Continuing Education Hours).  Certification boards look for these types of designations. TAP 21 is a Technical Assistance Publication entitledAddiction Counseling Competencies: The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice published by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) - see

Florida Certification Board and other boards require education hours in the TAP 21 categories.

Area:This refers to the two large areas recognized in the addiction field. All courses will be identified as either Addiction or Counseling. Some courses have content hours in both areas.

Foundations: Transdisciplinary Foundations are four categories identified inTAP 21 pertaining to addiction related content:

Understanding Addiction, Treatment Knowledge, Application to Practice, Professional Readiness.

Practice: Practice Domains are skills identified in TAP 21 that pertain to counselor competencies:

Clinical Evaluation, Treatment Planning, Case Management & Referral, Counseling, Client Education, Documentation, Ethical Responsibility, Supervision.

TAP 21– Foundations and Practices Training Areas



FUA    Understanding Addiction
FTK    Treatment Knowledge
FAP    Application to Practice
FPR    Professional Readiness


PCV    Clinical Evaluation
PTP    Treatment Planning
PCMR    Case Management & Refferal
PSV    Supervision
PCO    Counseling
PED    Client, Family & Community Edu
PDO    Documentation
PER    Ethical Responsibility


Example: Course Codes and Descriptions:

RD-LM-10     Life Model (Holistic Recovery)        10 Hours        

Area:              10 hours         Counseling

Practice:         5 hours Counseling (PCO) / 5 hours Client Education (PED)

RD = Recovery Dynamics        LM = Life Model Course title       10 = 10 clock hours (60 minutes)

Area = either Counseling or Addiction hours awarded

Practice = 5 hours in Counseling/ PCO and 5 hours in Client Education /PED