Since its beginning in 1996, the NET Institute has always had an international perspective and mission. This mission focused in 1997 on the founding of ISAAC, the International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition, an organization whose members come from over seventy nations. NTI’s first international training partner was Opora, a Russian addiction organization based in Moscow that has issued more than 6,000 NET – Opora certificates.

In October, 2009, NET Institute marked a decade of addiction training in Egypt working with our long time partner Dr. Ehab El Kharrat, founder of The Freedom Drugs and HIV Programme. NTI offered the first professional addiction examination in the Middle East. NTI provided the examinations in Arabic for qualified candidates. In total, 110 people from 12 Arab nations sat for the exam with 88 receiving a passing score. Exam protocols were overseen by staff from the United Nations, the NET Institute, The Freedom Program and the University of Alexandria law school. Exams were graded by the Florida Certification Board (FCB)

In addition, the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities (WFTC), based out of New York City, worked with NET Institute to offer credentials to successful candidates through their certification board. The Illinois Certification Board  contributed to this effort by making their exam study guide available. The Egyptian team translated culturally appropriate sections into Arabic for use during the exam prep sessions.

In 2008, NTI participated in the United Nations Workgroup on Drugs and Crime that was held in Vienna, Austria. Participants crafted and proposed three UN resolutions relating to addiction treatment and recovery.

Since 1996, NTI has provided training on the ground in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Columbia, South America, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, England, Sweden, Bermuda and Malaysia.