ISAAC: International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition

ISAAC is an international network of Christians responding to the escalating problem of substance misuse and addiction. Founded in 1997, ISAAC is established as a Registered Charity in the UK (United Kingdom).

The network consists of over 650 members in more than 70 countries.

ISAAC members work in: rehabilitation centres, street agencies, drop-in centres, church-based ministries, counselling services and prevention programmes.

NET Training Institute was among the founding organizations in 1997, and has provided support for training conferences, workshops and has partnered with member organizations desiring to establish more extensive training programs in their own nations. Dr. Jean LaCour has served at every level of ISAAC leadership, including President.  

Currently ISAAC leadership consists of a three member Secretariat responsible for organizational functions and an International Steering Group which maintains the global vision and fosters growing relationships with our members across the world.

Threefold Mission of ISAAC

  • To CONNECT: ISAAC facilitates the development of peer support networks for people who are involved in addiction-related work, to encourage co-operation and the sharing of resources, training & expertise.
  • To ENCOURAGE: ISAAC is about fostering relationships and collaboration across borders. We facilitate this through holding international and regional conferences and consultations. Major conferences: England 1999, Spain 2003, Egypt 2006, Holland 2007, and Malaysia 2010
  • To EQUIP: ISAAC facilitates training in addiction-related issues in various locations such as Egypt, Russia and Ukraine. NET Institute’s expertise and role has been establishing training standards set by international organizations such as NADAAC and IC&RC.


Meet more ISAAC members on YouTube.

1. David Partington aka Dave

Organization:    ISAAC, founding General Secretary, Retired
Location:       Reading, England

Interesting facts:  Believes (from 30 years of evidence) that Christian rehab is 'more church than church' and is one of the most significant and 'successful' mission movements of the last 100 years. Raised my family in a Christian rehab called Yeldall Manor in England and worked in 75 nations. Loves gardening and is enjoying a slow slide into retirement. 


2. Treflyn Lloyd-Roberts aka Tref


Organization:  ISAAC, new General Secretary
Location:    Reading, England

Interesting facts: Been in various bands and ran a small record company; enjoys wildlife, cricket and making things; is a published railway photographer.


3. Martiza Khouri


Organization: Equipping Hearts
Location:  Claremont, North Carolina

Interesting facts: Born in Panama and raised in Florida. Family is at the heart of all I do - as a wife, mother, Christian, and as an addiction professional. Restoring Families and Building Joyful Relationships is the key to my work around the world!

4. Ed Khouri

Organization:  Equipping Hearts
Location:  Claremont, North Carolina

Interesting facts: I’ve always had a global perspective and studied International Relations in college. When I was a policeman I saw the effects of drugs and alcohol firsthand. For years my work has focused on helping people overcome addiction. Now I partner with Dr. James Wilder of “Life Model” and we create materials based on brain science and spirituality to bring about Joyful Recovery. 

5.  Dr. Jean LaCour - President


Organization:  NET Training Institute
Location:  Orlando, Florida

Interesting facts: Love adventures of all kinds; husband Charles and I lived on a mountain commune and grew our own food; I hitchhiked across Europe in the ‘60’s; parachuted once and love whitewater rafting; but the greatest privilege of all is knowing so many amazing people across the globe who model lives of compassion and service.  


6. Pax Tan - Vice President


Organization: Malaysian Care, Senior Director for Prison, Drugs, and AIDS
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Interesting facts:  Affiliated to people who are people, especially the down and out. Husband of one and father of two. Thinks St. Paul died a slightly disappointed man, since Jesus did not return then; and suspects that God is also funny… A trained Lutheran minister, pastoring a Baptist church sometimes and other times travelling and enjoying good food. Likes preaching and teaching. Tries to work hard while aware that Jesus will come again…

7. Dr. Ehab El Kharrat - former ISAAC President


Organization:  Freedom Drugs and HIV Programme
Location:      Cairo, Egypt

Interesting facts:  Worked as a doctor, preacher, church youth worker, psychiatrist, translator among other things. A human rights activist and a leading revolutionary in Egypt. Tells great jokes and regrets that he cannot tell any good Mubarak jokes anymore!


8. Warwick Murphy


Organisation: ISAAC Australasia
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Interesting facts:  I made dessert for Prince Charles once. Raised 4 children in a drug rehab in London. I’m a part time street preacher and love addicts.


9. Jungmi Park


Organization:  Celebrate Recovery Network, Mongolia / YWAM, JCS International
Location:         Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Interesting facts:  A Korean person and have lived in Mongolia last 13 years (it’s home in my heart!), pioneered Christian Recovery Ministry in Mongolia networking 40 churches of Celebrate Recovery Program and also run a coffee house. I love to hike, wild flowers and camel riding!


10. Dr. Darvin Smith, MD, former ISAAC President


Organization:  Addiction Behavior Counseling Schools, YWAM

Interesting Facts: Wife Carol and I taught on addiction recovery in 17 countries in 2010. We founded the ABCS / Addictive Behavior Counseling Schools as part of the University of the Nations/Youth With a Mission in 1989; we have trained hundreds of students from over 60 countries in 33 training schools lasting about six months.


11. Kerstin Eriksson


Organization: LP Foundation and Famna, Sweden
Location:   Stockholm, Sweden

Interesting facts:  Since 1979, I have been working with rehabilitation, prevention work, organizational development and leadership training in Sweden and several other countries.   Married to husband Bosse and together we have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. I love spending time with them. My secret passion is for art.  I spent a couple of years in the 70’s in art school in London and also taught art in Burundi in Africa where I was partially raised.  


12.  F. Ivan Alvarado V.

Organization:  La Roca Foundation
Location: Vina del Mar, Chile

Interesting facts: I am involved in Training, Networks, and Relationships; I seek to know new places and challenges. In Latin America I am involved in building good relationships between ISAAC and the WFTC (World Federation of Therapeutic Communities). I will be attending several Latinomerica Congresses on behalf of ISAAC.


13.  Kathy Lyons


Organization:  ISAAC administrator
Location:   Reading, England

Interesting facts: I have served the Board of ISSAC for several years. I am pleased to support the efforts of so many people around the world who are making a positive difference in the drugs epidemic. 


14.  Frans Koopmans


Organization:  DeHoop Foundation
Location: Dordrecht, Holland

Interesting facts: Working for those “being led away to death […] those staggering toward slaughter” (Prov 24:11 NIV). Fighting the legalization of drugs. Further: husband of Inge since 1987, father of one son and three daughters. Lecturer in Hebrew and in Philosophy at the Evangelical Theological Academy in the Netherlands.


15. Paul Thaxter


Organization:  CMS Church Mission Society
Location:  usually sunny Southampton UK

Interesting facts: deep down I am quite superficial! Worked in bar, bookies, bank, hospital, church on Pekham UK, rehab in Pakistan and now with a talented bunch of people in CMS.  Love flowers, literature and world cinema, life in the ordinary, and also sharing the Bible's big story! Appreciate the loving patience of my wife and kids as I grow more inappropriate as the years go by!


16. Alisa Giblett


Organization: ISAAC Ukraine
Location:  Kiev, Ukraine

Interesting facts: I have lived in 6 different countries for more than two years and many more cities.  Work roles have included finance assistant, telephonist, kindergarten teacher, youth worker, computer consultant, teacher and preacher. Interests - people, sports, children, and sunshine!