Power of Prevention *Revised

Power of Prevention

10 Hours
This course will give an overview of the factors that put children and adolescents at risk for substance abuse.  You will learn risk factors, prevention factors and levels of evidence for using this information with families. 

Most of us agree that the family is primarily responsible for ensuring the safety of children and for providing the nurturing and guidance children need. Because of the increase of intense family stressors over the past few decades, the family’s ability to nurture healthy children has greatly diminished and the likelihood that our youth will turn to substance abuse, even at an early age, has increased. It is for this reason that this course will focus on Family-Centered Approaches to prevention. We will cover the stressors on families that cause children to be at risk, as well as protective and risk factors. We will also cover three main Family-Centered Approaches, the evidence that supports these approaches as well as program development and delivery of these approaches.

  1. Identify family risk and protective factors pertaining to child and adolescent substance abuse
  2. Determine which approach will support families with particular risk factors by examining the level of evidence for each approach
  3. Understand the processes involved in program development and delivery of Family-Centered Approaches
  4. Be able to identify community resources available to families

Certification Areas and Continuing Education: 10 Hours Total
Clinical Evaluation

Required Materials:Content materials included with the course